Giggleswick KWL – report, results & photos

Really well done to everyone that ran at Giggleswick !  Loads of impressive performances in difficult conditions.
There were 78 Settle Harriers out there running, 11 more than last year – and a new club record turnout for a fixture !  The breakdown was as follow…………….
U12s – we had 28 runners
U14s – we had 10 running
U17s – 4 running
Seniors – 36 running
The course was excellent  (if challenging) and made even more fun with the addition of a covering of snow !  Many thanks to our marshals – Mike, Andrew, Ruth, Richard, Craig & Edie. Many thanks also to Fergus & all those at Giggleswick School who helped put on the fixture. Many thanks as well to our supporters – particularly those juniors who stayed on to support the seniors.
Alex has already posted some good photos of juniors on the Settle Harriers Facebook page.
More photos, courtesy of Ben Harris of Giggleswick School can be found at Gigglewick KWL photos
There were some great performances from our 12s with Sonny leading our boys home in 7th place with Hamish, Ben, Charlie and Jake (in his first race for the club) all in hot pursuit.  Emily Hutchinson was our 1st girl home (8th girl) but again she was closely followed by Edie, Lily & Charlotte.  Well done to all that took part – especially those making their debuts for Settle Harriers
No less than 10 took part from settle – one third of the field !  Great runs from them all with Seb , Bob, Matt & Toby all making the top ten.  John lost ground when he fell on the approach to the stream – ending up covered in mud from head to foot.  he kept going though to finish in a battling 11th.  Erin, also new to this age-group did really well to finish as 7th girl.
Great to see 4 Under 17 girls out for us. Honor was first back for us – an excellent result to finish as 5th girl. Eve, Rosie & Millie adopted the team approach – finishing close together in 7th – 9th place.
Another phenomenal run by Mike to finish 14th, first Harrier home (so gaining maximum club championship points) and also (again) first vet 60 in the race.   Close behind was Alex in 15th with James also having a fine run to make the top 20. Barry also showed good form to finish as 2nd vet 60   For the ladies, Rachel was 3rd lady home (1st LV40) and Carol 4th (1st LV50).  Grace Jeffrey ran well and scored useful points towards the club Under 21 championship.  Lots of others also made either their Settle Harriers or their Kendal Winter League debuts. I hope everyone enjoyed it the race and that they will have been inspired to take part in more races soon !

Settle Harriers Results

Under 12s
7 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy Settle
16 Hamish Griffiths Boy Settle
17 Douglas Segger-Staveley Boy Settle
18 Ben Greenep Boy Settle
21 Charlie Barry Boy Settle
23 Jake Tilburn Boy Settle
29 Oliver Sampson Boy Settle
32 Thomas Stephens Boy Settle
33 Archie Clark Boy Settle
35 Sam Greenep Boy Settle
38 Will Scholey Boy Settle
40 Emily Hutchinson Girl Settle 8th girl
41 Rio Egner Boy Settle
43 Edie Eccleston Girl Settle 9th girl
45 Oscar Wulf Boy Settle
46 Ned Whittaker Boy Settle
48 Lily Coward Girl Settle 10th girl
49 Charlotte Peart Girl Settle 11th girl
52 Luca Dodgsa Boy Settle
55 Dylan Sampson Boy Settle
57 Connie Eccleston Girl Settle
58 Olivia Duke Girl Settle
59 Lauren Evans Girl Settle
63 Phoebe Holliday Girl Settle
65 Daisy Pilkington Girl Settle
68 Jake Jennings Boy Settle
69 Charlie Black Boy Settle
70 Keelan Beham Boy Settle
71 Hattie Black Girl Settle
Under 14s
5 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 11:40 Settle
6 Bob Evans Boy 12:03 Settle
8 Matt Holroyd Boy 12:23 Settle
10 Toby Winnard Boy 12:35 Settle
11 John Egner Boy 12:43 Settle
19 Jack Hutchinson Boy 13:59 Settle
21 Tom Duke Boy 14:10 Settle
22 Erin Cummins Girl 14:49 Settle 7th girl
24 Jack Harrison Boy 15:29 Settle
28 Emily Crossley Girl 17:43 Settle
Under 17s
15 Honor Jeffrey Girl 18:05 Settle 5th girl
17 Eve Hutchinson Girl 19:07 Settle 7th girl
18 Rosie Laycock Girl 19:10 Settle 8th girl
19 Millie McAneny Girl 19:28 Settle 9th girl
14 Mike Egner MV60 26:53:00 Settle 1st MV60
15 Alex Pilkington MV40 26:56:00 Settle
19 James Annan MV40 27:24:00 Settle
24 Mark Wildsmith MV40 27:43:00 Settle
28 Sam Griffiths Man 28:00:00 Settle
34 Steven Procter Man 29:24:00 Settle
35 Rachel Hill LV40 29:28:00 Settle 3rd Lady /1st LV40
38 Adam Procter Man 29:51:00 Settle
46 Carol Evans LV50 30:56:00 Settle 4th lady / 1st LV50
53 Stephen Moor MV50 31:51:00 Settle
57 Adrian Waller LV50 32:25:00 Settle
62 Ken Raynor MV50 32:55:00 Settle
64 Barry Scholes MV60 33:09:00 Settle 2nd MV60
65 Simon Oxley MV50 33:14:00 Settle
67 Nicholas Hutchinson MV40 33:19:00 Settle
69 Jill Eccleston LV40 33:29:00 Settle
71 David Sexton MV40 33:34:00 Settle
73 Grace Jeffery Lady 34:25:00 Settle
76 Carmel Ramwell LV40 34:33:00 Settle
79 Mark Charnley MV40 34:56:00 Settle
81 Annie Carrington LV50 35:06:00 Settle
82 Jess Bagnall Lady 35:20:00 Settle
83 Kirsten Angus Lady 35:23:00 Settle
92 Angie Mills LV40 36:26:00 Settle
96 David Wild MV50 36:59:00 Settle
98 Jan Wulf MV40 37:22:00 Settle
103 Julia Hargreaves LV40 38:04:00 Settle
108 Clare Wild Lady 38:31:00 Settle
111 Will Buckton Man 39:05:00 Settle
113 Joanne Wulf LV40 39:44:00 Settle
114 Katrina Chenery Lady 40:15:00 Settle
115 Chris Beesley MV60 40:16:00 Settle
116 Andy Evans MV50 40:37:00 Settle
126 Richard Handford MV50 43:34:00 Settle
127 Jill Gates LV50 44:04:00 Settle
129 Michaela Raynor LV40 45:03:00 Settle