Scout Scar KWL – Report

There was an impressive turnout of 21 Harriers for the 1st Kendal Winter League at Scout Scar yesterday.  This included 8 members in the junior races and 12 in the senior race – where there was a record senior KWL field of 323 runners !  Conditions were OK – no rain but slightly misty and murky and a little slippery under foot and on the rocks.

Very encouraging for the club was that our “seniors” included 3 Under 21s (all of who are actually currently 16 but too old for the Under 17 junior category).  They all ran brilliantly in their senior debuts, with Seb finishing 23rd in a class field (4th U21) and Simone and Emily finishing 5th and 6th in the Ladies Under 21 category.

In the junior races, Charlotte finished a fine 4th in the U13 girls category and there were good runs too from Lucy, Jessica, Mable, Francesca & Isabella (in her first race for the club).  We don’t yet know their positions in the new Under 11 Category – watch this space!  Ned was our lone Under 13 boy and he had a fine run to finish in the top half of this category.  

Sonny was our lone under 17 and he finished 9th in a very high-calibre field.

This fixture counted towards our 2019 Junor Club Championships


Scout Scar KWL – Settle H results

21 Charlotte Peart Girl 8:45 4th Girl
33 Ned Whitaker Boy 9:14  
46 Lucy Bagot Girl 9:33 14th Girl
74 Jessica Oakey Girl 10:49 29th Girl
84 Mabel Whitaker Girl 11:37 34th Girl
86 Francesca Bagot Girl 11:43 36th Girl
94 Isabella Latty Girl 13:58 42nd Girl
9 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 20:25  
23 Sebastian Segger-Staveley MU21 30:44:00 4th MU21
136 Andy Evans MV50 38:15:00  
194 Laurence Ormerod MV60 41:20:00  
200 Mark Charnley MV40 41:54:00  
223 Chris Beesley MV60 43:44:00  
238 Steve Moore MV50 44:56:00  
242 Pam Bagot LV40 45:11:00  
251 Annie Carrington LV50 46:19:00  
272 Ian Oakey MV40 49:10:00  
285 Simone Rigby LU21 50:38:00 5th LU21
292 Emily Crossley LU21 51:52:00 6th LU21
293 Jill Gates LV50 51:57:00  
310 Richard Handford MV60 57:43:00