Curly Wurly Rat Runs



Jessica in action at Curly Wurly’s


Well done to the 10 juniors that took part in the “Rat Runs” near Haworth on Sunday 7th October.  Conditions were good – cold but sunny and we had some excellent performances in the junior races followed by a lot of chocolate eating thanks to the generous goody bags !

This was the last fixture in our 2018 Junior Club Championships.  Prizes will be awarded in late November and the overall scores will be secret until then !

The Settle Harriers results are as below followed by some photos.  


Settle Harriers Results from Curly Wurly Rat Runs

Under 9s        
6 Carl Sanderson BU9 02:57 5th U9 Boy
23 Mabel Whitaker GU9 03:38 6th U9 Girl
24 Franacesca Bagot GU9 03:39 7th U9 Girl
Under 11s        
23 Jack Sanderson BU11 07:21 5th U11 Boy
61 Lucy Bagot GU11 08:47 6th U11 Girl
83 Jessica Oakey GU11 09:36 14th U11 Girl
Under 13s        
53 Martha Rigby GU13 08:17 6th U13 Girl
56 Ned Whitaker BU13 08:33 19th U13 Boy
Under 17s        
11 Emily Crossley GU17 17:30 4th U17 Girl
12 Sim Rigby GU17 18:05 5th U17 Girl

Top: Jack, Emily.   Below: Ned, Lucy    



Embsay BOFRA races


Well done to the 10 juniors that took part in the Embsay BOFRA races on Sunday 16th September.  This was the last-but-one fixture in our junior club championships for 2018.

Unfortunately the weather varied from drizzle to heavy rain for the junior races and the normal start and finish to the races across fields wasn’t available this year due to issues with the farmer.  Younger juniors had to run most of their course along a muddy, uneven farm track instead.

Our highest placed performers were Seb (2nd in U17s – very close behind the winner),  Ben with a good 6th in the U14s & 7th for Carl in the Under 9s.

A special mention to Mabel who took part and did really well in her 1st junior club championship race of 2018.

Settle Harriers results from Embsay 

Under 9s          
7 Carl Sanderson Boy 05:36  
20 Ben Brummitt Boy 06:10  
30 Francesca Bagot Girl 06:33 13th girl
32 Mabel Whittaker Girl 06:36 14th girl
Under 12s          
18 Jack Sanderson Boy 08:56  
45 Oliver  Brummitt Boy 10:24  
32 Charlotte Peart Girl 10:11 21st girl
66 Jake Jennings Boy 13:40  
Under 14s          
6 Ben Greenep Boy 13:06  
Under 17s          
2 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 19:42 2nd boy


Burnsall BOFRA Races

Well done to the 8 juniors that took part in the BOFRA races at Burnsall on Sunday 2nd September.  Conditions were ideal and the sun came out – so there was a great afternoon’s racing in a fantastic venue and setting.  These races were counters for our own junior club championships – race number 18 out of 20.

The Settle results were as follows.  Highest finisher was Ben – 3rd in the Under 14 boys race.

Under 9s          
6 Carl Sanderson Boy 04:05  
21 Francesca Bagot Girl 05:01  
Under 12s        
10 Jack Sanderson Boy 06:28  
28 Sam Greenep Boy 07:19  
36 Lucy Bagot Girl 07:32  
Under 14s        
3 Ben Greenep Boy 07:32 3rd Boy
Under 17s        
4 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 12:08  
11 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 14:36  

Cracoe BOFRA races

We only had 4 juniors running at the Cracoe BOFRA races on 22nd July, which were counters for our junior club championships (race number 17 out of 20).

Congratulations to Carl Sanderson who had a fine run to take 3rd prize in the under 9 race and continue his run of great results this summer.

There were good performances too from new member Flynn, also in the Under 9 race and from Jack and Charlotte in the Under 13s.

The next counter in our junior championships is the BOFRA fixture at Burnsall on Sunday 2nd September.  See the Home Page for details.  It would be great to have a large turnout of our juniors there.

Settle Harriers Results from Cracoe  

Under 9s

3  Carl Sanderson   3:10

24 Flynn Cartman   3:51

Under 13s

18 Jack Sanderson   9:11

43 Charlotte Peart  10:47 (20th girl) 



Kirkby Gala BOFRA races – results

Well done to all to all those that took part in these races on Saturday 22 July that counted towards our junior club championships (race 16 of 20).  It must have been very hot !

Great results from all including race winners Carl and Ben !

Settle Harriers results from Kirkby Gala

1 Carl Sanderson Boy 03:02 1st Boy
4 Sam Greenep Boy 10:30  
6 Jack Sanderson Boy 10:33  
16 Ruby Armstrong Girl 12:39 6th Girl
1 Ben Greenep Boy 16:24 1st Boy


Clougha Pike Report

These races were the 5th in the fixture out of 6 in the FRA Junior Championships and the 15th fixture out of 20 in our own Settle Harriers Junior Club Championships.

I wasn’t able to make it to the event, but I gather the weather was terrible with several heavy downpours during the afternoon.  Well done to the 7 juniors that braved the conditions and produced really good performances. 

Seb had a fine run to finish 3rd.  Seb currently lies 2nd in the U17 FRA Championships. Well done also to Carl and Jack, 5th and 7th in their respective races and Charlotte, Martha, Ben  & Dougie.  Ben currently lies 15th in the Under 15 FRA Championships and Charlotte 20th in the Under 13 Girls. 

Settle Harriers Results from Clougha Pike

U9 Boys    
5 Carl Sanderson 4:00
U11 Boys    
7 Jack Sanderson 8:31
U13 Girls    
14 Charlotte Peart 18:48
19 Martha Rigby 19:43
U15 Boys    
14 Ben Greenep 17:30
23 Douglas Segger-Staveley 19:40
U17 Boys    
3 Sebastian Segger-Staveley 19:04


Lowgill Sports – Report & Results

Well done to the 17 juniors that took part in the BOFRA races at Lowgill Sports on Saturday 9th June.  These races were also fixture 14 out of 20 in our junior club championships.

I wasn’t able to make it to Lowgill but it sounds like a good day was had by all and there were impressive results from our juniors.  These included 2nd place finishes for Carl in the Under 9s and Thomas in the Under 17s.  Also 4th places for Sonny (U14s) & James (Under 12s).  Good to see more of our girls out running with good performances from Charlotte, Lucy, Ruby, Jessica & Lola. 

Results from Lowgill Sports

2 Thomas Marshall Boy 12:43 2nd Boy
4 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 13:06  
4 Ben Greenep Boy 08:46  
19 Lola Ashton-Fitch Girl 14:47  
4 James Brassington Boy 04:38  
6 Jay Butler Boy 04:52  
10 Ben Brassington Boy 05:05  
12 Jack Sanderson Boy 05:12  
19 Sam Greenep Boy 05:35  
21 Charlotte Peart Girl 05:45  
22 Oliver  Brummitt Boy 05:46  
25 Lucy Bagot Girl 05:59  
28 Ruby Armstrong Girl 06:22  
33 Jessica Oakey Girl 06:59  
2 Carl Sanderson Boy 03:13 2nd Boy
13 Harry Hargreaves Boy 03:53  
15 Ben Brummitt Boy 03:56  


Killington Sports – Results

Apologies for not being at Killington on Thursday 31st May for this amazing event which is a traditional but low-key Cumbrian Gala in a remote location between Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh.

Only 5 of our juniors took part in it.  Well done to all 5 – I hope they had an enjoyable evening with their families.

Settle Harriers Results

U12 Boys

11 Jack Sanderson  5:56; 13 Sam Greenep   6:07; 28 Carl Sanderson  7:08

U14 Girls

10 Lola Ashton-Fitch  13:13

U17 Boys 

8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 10:36 


Austwick Amble – Report & Results

Many thanks to all those parents who helped me out with the organisation of the Austwick Amble last Monday.  Your expertise was a huge factor in making the event run so smoothly and efficiently.  We had some fantastic feedback & “thank-yous’” from competitors and bystanders alike.
We had record fields for both the senior race (183 runners) and junior races (63).
Well done to all the 11 Settle Harriers juniors that took part.  The races counted for our junior club champs.
In the junior races, we had 3 race winners !  Congratulations to Seb (1st U17), Sonny (1st U15), & Ben Brassington (1st U11).  Seb and Ben also broke the respective course records.  Other prize-winners were Thomas (2nd U17), Ben Greenep (2nd U15), Dougie (3rd U15) & James (2nd U13)
Well that’s it until 2019 !
Settle Harriers Junior results 
Under 17 & U19 Race
1 Sebastian Segger-Staveley BU17 17:48 1st BU17 (course rec)
2 Thomas Marshall BU17 19:18 2nd BU17
4 Matthew Holroyd BU17 21:00  
Under 15 Race
1 Sonny Ashton-Fitch BU15 13:21 1st BU15
2 Ben Greenep BU15 13:39 2nd BU15
4 Douglas Segger-Staveley BU15 14:51 3rd BU15
Under 13 Race
2 James Brassington BU13 10:13 2nd BU13
13 Sam Greenep BU13 12:20  
Under 11 Race
1 Ben Brassington BU11 07:47 1st BU11 (course rec)
4 Jack  Sanderson BU11 08:08  
16 Lucy  Bagot GU11 09:41 4th GU11

Hutton Roof – Report & Results

Well done to the 11 juniors that took part in these races on  Sat 26th May, which were part of the Hutton Roof Annual Fete.  The races also counted for our junior club championships.  The weather was very hot and we had some great performances, with our juniors taking a number of prizes.

Prize winners were James and Sam, 1st & 2nd in the Under 13 boys, Sonny & Ben 2nd & 3rd in the U15s and Toby 2nd in the Under 17s.

It was good to see Isaac and Izzy and Lola scoring their first club championships of the year. Lola bravely completed her race despite sustaining an injury in her race. 

Settle Harriers Results

U9 Boys      
5 Carl Sanderson 5:51
U11 Boys      
4 Ben Brassington 4:51
5 Jack Sanderson 4:54
10 Isaac Mitton 5:15
U13 Boys      
1 James Brassington 13:56
2 Sam  Greenep 15:26
U13 Girls      
8 Izzy Ashton-Fitch 23:14
10 Lola Ashton-Fitch 29:55
U15 Boys      
2 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 13:46
3 Ben Greenep 13:48
U17 Boys      
2 Toby Winnard 27:42