Clougha Pike – results & photos

Conditions were hot and humid for this fixture held in conjunction with Quernmore’s village gala.  The junior races were counters for the FRA Junior Championships as well as our own Junior Cub Championships.

The Under 19 race (held with the seniors) was also the Inter Counties Fell Running Championships and congratulations to Seb on being selected to represent Yorkshire in this event and for being the Yorkshire team member to finish!  Seb had a really good run and finished 13th overall in the Championship.

Well done also to all our younger runners.  Ben had a fantastic run to finish 3rd in the Under 9s.  Realy good runs to from Carl & Mack in the Under 11s, Jack, Oliver & Finn in the U13s and Sonny in the Under 17s.

Great cakes and plenty of entertainment after the races too !


Settle Harriers Results from Clougha Pike 

3 Ben Brummitt 4:05
11 Carl Sanderson 9:38
14 Mack Bagnall 9:42
23 Jack Sanderson 16:43
38 Oliver Brummitt 18:57
41 Finn Durkin 19:11
33 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 27.41
13 Seb Segger-Staveley 47:54


Kettlewell BOFRA races

Well done to all those that ran at these races held on Sunday 16th June !  

I wasn’t able to attend this fixture but our results are shown below.  A special mention to Carl who took 2nd place in the Under 9s race and to Emilia who took part in her first race for Settle Harriers (hopefully the first of many !)

This fixture was number 15 out of 21 in our Junior Club Championships.

Settle Harriers Results from Kettlewell

3 Carl Sanderson Boy 05:28 2nd Boy
9 Ben Brummitt Boy 06:21  
20 Emilia Routledge Girl 08:01 10th Girl
16 Jack Sanderson Boy 07:46  
24 Oliver Brummitt Boy 08:16  
29 Mack Bagnall Boy 08:30  
40 Finn Durkin Boy 09:02  
50 Max Gilchrist Boy 09:33  
12 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 18:47  

Low Gill Sports

Considering the torrential rain earlier in the day, it was great that 10 of our juniors took part in the BOFRA races at Low Gill Sports on Saturday 8th June.

Highest placed was Carl who finished 2nd in the U9s and Francesca 4th U9 girl.  Great runs all round though and congratulations to everyone that took part.



2 Carl Sanderson Boy 04:56
7 Ben Brummitt Boy 05:37
9 Joseph Greenhaigh Boy 05:53
11 Francesca Bagot 4th Girl 06:00
15 Jack Sanderson Boy 06:18
20 Oliver Brummitt Boy 06:40
23 Mack Bagnall Boy 06:51
29 Freddie Atkinson Boy 07:19
33 Lucas Smith Boy 07:36
8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 16:32

Austwick Amble Junior Races

Well done to the 13 juniors that took part in the Austwick Amble junior races on Mon 27th May.  

The races were held in conjunction with the the village’s Street Market & Cuckoo Festival.  I hope all our juniors (and parents) had a good day out.  There were certainly some excellent performances in the races.  And it stayed dry !

We had a race winner in the Under 13 girls – congratulations to Lucy who stormed round the very tough course !   Also a win for Seb in the U19 where he was the lone participant !  

It was great to see Max, George & Noah taking part in their 1st races for Settle Harriers & Lucas and Finn in their second.  Well done to them and we’ll look forward to seeing them at more races in the future !  Good runs too from Jack, Ned, Carl, Joseph, Francesca & Mabel. 

These races were counters for our Junior Champs (Race 13 of 21)

All the junior Settle Harriers results were as follows:

Under 19 Race
1 Sebastian Segger-Staveley BU19 19:06 1st BU19
Under 13 Race
7 Jack Sanderson BU13 11:01  
10 Lucy Bagot GU13 11:32 1st GU13
11 Lucas Smith BU13 11:33  
12 Ned Whitaker BU13 12:07  
16 Finn Durkin BU13 12:52  
21 Max Gilchrist BU13 13:29  
Under 11 Race
4 Carl Sanderson BU11 08:32  
16 Joseph Greenhalgh BU11 10:06  
18 Francesca Bagot GU11 10:36  
21 Mabel Whitaker GU11 10:57  
23 George Hodgson BU11 11:38  
24 Noah Hodgson BU11 12:38  


Hutton Roof Fell Races

Only 4 from Settle Harriers made it to the Hutton Roof Fell Races on Sat 25th May which were counters for our Junior Club Championships (Race 12 of 21).

All four ran really well though as you will see from the results below ………..


Settle Harriers – junior results from Hutton Roof

Under 11 Boys : 4th Carl Sanderson 5:07; 11 Joseph Greenhalgh 5:47

Under 13 Boys : 2nd Jack Sanderson 14:50

Under 15 Girls : 3rd Martha Rigby 17:07


Sedbergh BOFRA

Well done to all those that took part in the Sedbergh BOFRA races on Saturday 18th May.  This was the 1st BOFRA fixture of the season.

A special congratulations to Carl Sanderson on his win in the Under 9s race !


Settle Harriers Results 

16 Jack Sanderson 08:53 14th Boy
27 Lucy Bagot 09:40 7th Girl
36 Charlotte Peart 10:13 10th Girl
1 Carl Sanderson 04:52 1st Boy
16 Joseph Greehaigh 05:37 11th Boy
20 Francesca Bagot 05:54 8th Girl
28 Mabel Whittaker 06:20 12th Girl


Jack Bloor Fell Races



Congratulations to all those juniors that took part in the Jack Bloor Fell Races on Tuesday 14th May !

No less that 18 of our juniors took part, including a large number of first-time fell racers.  The weather & conditions was great as were the cakes afterwards.

We had top 3 finishes for Ben, Carl, Lucy and Georgia (in her 1st race as a Settle Harrier) and great performances from all our keen young athletes !

Settle Harriers results were as follows and I have also added some action photos ……..



3 Ben Brummitt 03:57
5 Flynn Cartman 04:29
2 Carl Sanderson 03:52
6 Fred Atkinson 04:06
9 Harry Eddleston 04:20
10 Mack Bagnall 04:21
2 Georgia Twist 04:10
6 Francesca Bagot 4:39
11 Mabel Whitaker 4:58
6 Jack Sanderson 9:04
10 Fraiser Lampkin 9:17
16 Finn Durkin 9:49
17 Lucas Smith 10:14
19 Oliver Brummitt 10:27
2 Lucy Bagot 09:55
9 Connie Eccleston 11:49
10 Jessica Oakey 12:27
5 Will Scholey 10:37

Wray – Junior Fell Races

Well done to the 8 juniors that took part in these races held on Bank Holiday Monday (6th May) in conjunction with the Wray Scarecrow Festival.  The races counted towards our Junior Club Championships.

It was a very successful morning for the club with 2 race winners (Carl and Lucy) and 4 second-placers (Joseph, Francesca, Jack & Ruby).  Excellent runs too from Harry & Charles.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day.  Our results were as follows


1 Carl Sanderson 03:51
2 Joseph Greenhalgh 03:58
5 Harry Elllwood 04:08
2 Francesca Bagot 04:24
2 Jack Sanderson 06:33
6 Charles Ellwood 08:22
1 Lucy Bagot 06:37
2 Ruby Armstrong 12:25


Kendal Winter League Final Positions

A massive well done to all those juniors that took part in the Kendal Winter League this season.

2 athletes finished in overall “podium” positions , with Charlotte 3rd in the U13 girls and Emily 3rd in the Under 21s (who run with the seniors).  14 juniors completed 5 or more races and qualified for a special award to be presented in the Peoples Hall, Sedbergh after the Arant Haw non-scoring fixture on the 14th April.  

Great performances all round !



Pos Name Points No of Races
U11 Girls      
10 Francesca Bagot 442 7
12 Mabel Whitaker 436 6
U11 Boys      
6 Carl Sanderson 464 9
U13 Girls      
3 Charlotte Peart  484 8
5 Lucy Bagot 480 9
16 Jessica Oakey 419 7
19 Isabella Latty 388 5
U13 Boys      
6 Jack Sanderson 463 9
15 Oliver Brummitt 420 6
16 Ned Whitaker 418 6
U15 Girls      
6 Martha Rigby 457 6
U17 Boys      
9 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 455 8
U21 Girls      
3 Emily Crossley 482 9
4 Simone Rigby 480 7


Elterwater KWL

Well done to all those that took part in the Elterwater KWL fixture on Sunday 31st March.

There were some very good runs from our contingent, including a fine 2nd for Lucy & a 3rd for Matt in the U21s category.

Results were as follows

Settle Harriers Results from Elterwater

U11 Boys        
7 Carl Sanderson Boy 9:21
U13 Boys        
10 Jack Sanderson Boy 8:30
15 Oliver Brummitt Boy 10:14
U13 Girls        
2 Lucy Bagot Girl 8:56
4 Charlotte Peart Girl 9:07
3 Matthew Holroyd MU21 30:31:00