Cunswick KWL

Well done to the 13 juniors that took part in the Cunswick KWL fixture on Sun 3rd March that was also race 5 in our Junior Club Championships.  

Unlike the sun and warmth of the previous Sunday, it was back to more normal cold, wet & windy conditions – but this didn’t put off our juniors who turned in some great performances. 

Charlotte had a fine run and achieved 2nd place in the U13 girls, her highest placing so far.  There were also high placings for Carl (4th in the U11s), Lucy (6th in the U13 girls), Jack (7th in the U13 boys) and Martha (8th U15 girl).  Simone and Emily again tackled and completed the long (5 miles) senior race and finished as 3rd and 4th U21 girl respectively.

But well done to everyone that ran and showed such great determination in the wintery conditions.

 Settle Harriers Juniors – Results from Cunswick KWL

U11 Girls        
12 Francesca Bagot Girl 13:18
13 Mabel Whitaker Girl 13:45
U11 Boys        
4 Carl Sanderson Boy 9:55
U13 Girls        
2 Charlotte Peart Girl 9:44
6 Lucy Bagot Girl 10:10
14 Jessica Oakey Girl 12:18
17 Isabella Latty Girl 13:16
U13 Boys        
7 Jack Sanderson Boy 9:00
15 Ned Whitaker Boy 10:59
U15 Girls        
8 Martha Rigby Girl 18:33
U17 Boys        
11 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 22:07
U21 Girls        
3 Simone Rigby LU21 49:00:00
4 Emily Crossley LU21 49:25:00


Sedbergh School KWL

We had glorious weather for this KWL fixture on Sunday 24th Feb which was also a counter (race 4) for our Junior Club Championships.  There were still patches of mud to be found however and the water jump led to a number of runners having early baths, or in Simone’s case, losing a shoe !

There were some excellent performances from our juniors.  Seb finished a fine 6th in the senior race (2nd in the Under 21 category).  There were also high placings for Charlotte (3rd in U13 Girls), Carl (5th in U11 Girls) & Jack (8th in U13s). 

Well done to all that those that took part.

Settle Harriers Juniors – Results from Sedbergh School

U11 Girls      
Retd Francesca  Bagot  
U11 Boys      
5 Carl Sanderson 7:55
U13 Girls      
3 Charlotte Peart 7:51
11 Lucy Bagot 9:05
U13 Boys      
8 Jack Sanderson 7:25
U15 Girls      
9 Martha Rigby 13:16
U17 Boys      
5 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 19:47
U21 Girls      
2 Emily Crossley 46-11
3 Simone Rigby 46-12
U21 Boys      
2 Seb Segger-Staveley 27-59


Longsleddale KWL

Conditions were drier than in the past for this fixture at the remote location of Longsleddale on Sunday 17th Feb and the weather was fine.  There was a good turnout of   juniors from Settle Harriers, undaunted by the steep climbs and descents involved.

There were excellent performances from our contingent.  Highest placed was Simone who had an excellent run and finished 2nd in the Ladies U21 category running in the very tough senior race.  Charlotte secured 4th in the U13 Girls and Martha was also 4th in the U15s. Jack ran well for 5th in the U13 Boys.

Well done to all those that took part !

Settle Harriers Junior results from Longsleddale KWL

U11 Boys      
9 Carl Sanderson 7:30
U13 Girls      
4 Charlotte Peart 7:31
19 Jessica Oakey 9:45
20 Isabella Latty 11:40
U13 Boys      
5 Jack Sanderson 6:49
14 Oliver Brummitt 7:39
U15 Girls      
4 Martha Rigby 15:42
U17 Boys      
8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch 18:22
U21 Girls      
2 Simone Rigby 1:04:51
5 Emily Crossley 1:08:28


Barbondale KWL Report

Well done to all those that took part in the very steep KWL fixture at Barbondale on Sunday 10th Feb.

I wasn’t able to get along to this one but it looks like everyone ran really well with highest placed being Carl (4th in U11 boys) & Lucy (5th in U13 girls) and in the Under 21s, Matt had a great run to finish 4th with Emily & Simone 3rd & 4th in the girls category (Under 21s run with the seniors).


Settle Harriers Results from Barbondale KWL

U11 Girls        
8 Francesca Bagot Girl 9:40
10 Mabel Whitaker Girl 10:02
U11 Boys        
4 Carl Sanderson Boy 6:59
U13 Girls        
5 Lucy Bagot Girl 7:08
14 Jessica Oakey Girl 9:29
U13 Boys        
8 Jack Sanderson Boy 6:25
16 Ned Whitaker Boy 7:07
18 Oliver Brummitt Boy 7:23


26 Martin Holroyd MV50 26:07:00  
34 Matthew Holroyd MU21 26:50:00 4th MU21
78 Jonathan Stubbs MV50 31:59:00  
80 Alice Kerr Lady 32:09:00  
103 Pam Bagot LV40 33:55:00  
120 Emily Crossley LU21 40:12:00 3rd LU21
123 Jill Gates LV50 40:57:00  
125 Simone Rigby LU21 43:01:00 4th LU21
134 Richard Handford MV60 49:27:00  

Birkrigg Common KWL


We had an excellent turnout of 14 juniors at the this fixture held on Sunday 27th January at the scenic venue of Birkrigg Coomon, on the coast and near to Ulverston.  It was sunny but very windy – hard to make progress running into the wind – even going downhill !

Our juniors did amazingly well given the extreme conditions.  

Our highest placed runners (in their age categories) were Lucy with another excellent 3rd place in the U13 girls, with Charlotte not far behind in 6th.  Emily had a great run in the senior race, finishing 3rd in the U21 girls category with Simone finishing in 5th.  We also had 8th place finishes for Carl (U11s), Jack (U13s) & Sonny (U17s).

Many congratulations to all the juniors that took part.

This fixture was number 3 in our 2019 Junior Club championships.  The next counter for the Championships will be the KWL at Sedbergh School on Sun 24th February.

Settle Harriers – Junior Results from Birkrigg Common. 

U11 Boys        
8 Carl Sanderson Boy 06:09
U11 Girls        
9 Francesca Bagot Girl 08:00
10 Mabel Whitaker Girl 08:05
U13 Boys        
8 Jack Sanderson Boy 05:38
18 Oliver Brummitt Boy 06:16
22 Ned Whitaker Boy 07:12
U13 Girls        
3 Lucy Bagot Girl 06:08
6 Charlotte Peart Girl 06:17
15 Jessica Oakey Girl 07:34
21 Isabella Latty Girl 08:08
U15 Girls        
10 Martha Rigby Girl 12:51
U17 Boys        
8 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 16:15
U21 Girls        
3 Emily Crossley LU21 36:51:00
5 Simone Rigby LU21 38:54:00


Whitestones KWL Results

Well done to all those juniors that took part in the very tough and steep KWL at Whitestones on Sunday 20th January – including the 2 juniors running in the senior race.

Our highest finisher was Lucy Bagot with an excellent 3rd place in the U13 Girls category. 


Settle Harriers Results from Whitestones

46 Mark Rogerson Man 36:54:00
73 Matthew Holroyd MU21 38:41:00
129 Andy Evans MV50 44:30:00
136 Pam Bagot LV40 45:37:00
176 Emily Crossley LU21 56:12:00
178 Jill Gates LV50 56:51:00
9 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 12:44
U13 Girls        
3 Lucy Bagot Girl 07:37
U13 Boys        
6 Jack Sanderson Boy 07:30
8 Ned Whitaker Boy 07:44
9 Oliver Brummitt Boy 07:45
U11 Girls        
7 Francesca Bagot Girl 09:43
10 Mabel Whitaker Girl 10:02
U11 Boys        
6 Carl Sanderson Boy 07:47


Giggleswick KWL – report

Despite the rain, strong wind and muddy conditions, we had an excellent turnout of 21 junior Harriers for the Gigglewick Kendal Winter League fixture on Sunday 13th January.  This was effectively our “home” fixture as it uses the school grounds where we often train.  This fixture was also the 2nd one that counted towards our 2019 Junior Club Championships.

There were excellent performances from our juniors who made light of the tough and slippery conditions and the famous “water splash” crossing of the beck (unlike our seniors, many of the juniors managed to leap clean over the beck and stay dry !)

In their respective age-categories our highest finisher was Charlotte who took 3rd place in the u13 Girls category with a very fine and determined run.  We also had 6th place finishes from Lily (U11 Girls), Jack (u13 Boys), Sonny (u17 Boys) and 7th place finishes from Carl (U11 Boys) & Lucy (U13 Girls).

In addition to the junior races, we also had three 16 year olds running in the senior race as Under 21s. All 3 ran brilliantly with Seb up in the top 10 of the race early on (and finally finished 16th).  Great runs too from Matt and from Emily.

Many thanks to the KWL organising team at Helm Hill Runners and to Fergus and Craig from Gigg School for putting on such a great event on such a fantastic course.  But let’s hope for kinder weather next year !

Junior Settle Harriers results were as follows.  Please note that U11s and u13s ran together in one race.

Giggleswick KWL 2019 – Settle Harriers Junior Finishers

U11 Girls    
6 Lily Pilkington Girl 8:43
12 Mabel Whitaker Girl 9:47
13 Francesca Bagot Girl 10:02
U11 Boys      
7 Carl Sanderson Boy 7:34
17 Ewan Angus Boy 8:46
18 Harry Ellwood Boy 8:52
19 Joseph Greenhalgh Boy 9:03
U13 Girls        
3 Charlotte Peart Girl 7:26
7 Lucy Bagot Girl 8:19
15 Connie Eccleston Girl 9:16
19 Jessica Oakey Girl 9:33
21 Isabella Latty Girl 10:50
U13 Boys        
6 Jack Sanderson Boy 7:05
11 Ned Whitaker Boy 7:34
12 Oliver Brummitt Boy 7:45
U15 Girls        
8 Martha Rigby Girl 15:09
Ret Lauren Evans Girl  
U17 Boys        
6 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 15:27
U21 Girls        
5 Emily Crossley LU21 41:24:00
U21 Boys        
4 Sebastian Segger-Staveley MU21 26:53:00
6 Matthew Holroyd MU21 30:16:00


Scout Scar KWL – Report

There was an impressive turnout of 21 Harriers for the 1st Kendal Winter League at Scout Scar yesterday.  This included 8 members in the junior races and 12 in the senior race – where there was a record senior KWL field of 323 runners !  Conditions were OK – no rain but slightly misty and murky and a little slippery under foot and on the rocks.

Very encouraging for the club was that our “seniors” included 3 Under 21s (all of who are actually currently 16 but too old for the Under 17 junior category).  They all ran brilliantly in their senior debuts, with Seb finishing 23rd in a class field (4th U21) and Simone and Emily finishing 5th and 6th in the Ladies Under 21 category.

In the junior races, Charlotte finished a fine 4th in the U13 girls category and there were good runs too from Lucy, Jessica, Mable, Francesca & Isabella (in her first race for the club).  We don’t yet know their positions in the new Under 11 Category – watch this space!  Ned was our lone Under 13 boy and he had a fine run to finish in the top half of this category.  

Sonny was our lone under 17 and he finished 9th in a very high-calibre field.

This fixture counted towards our 2019 Junor Club Championships


Scout Scar KWL – Settle H results

21 Charlotte Peart Girl 8:45 4th Girl
33 Ned Whitaker Boy 9:14  
46 Lucy Bagot Girl 9:33 14th Girl
74 Jessica Oakey Girl 10:49 29th Girl
84 Mabel Whitaker Girl 11:37 34th Girl
86 Francesca Bagot Girl 11:43 36th Girl
94 Isabella Latty Girl 13:58 42nd Girl
9 Sonny Ashton-Fitch Boy 20:25  
23 Sebastian Segger-Staveley MU21 30:44:00 4th MU21
136 Andy Evans MV50 38:15:00  
194 Laurence Ormerod MV60 41:20:00  
200 Mark Charnley MV40 41:54:00  
223 Chris Beesley MV60 43:44:00  
238 Steve Moore MV50 44:56:00  
242 Pam Bagot LV40 45:11:00  
251 Annie Carrington LV50 46:19:00  
272 Ian Oakey MV40 49:10:00  
285 Simone Rigby LU21 50:38:00 5th LU21
292 Emily Crossley LU21 51:52:00 6th LU21
293 Jill Gates LV50 51:57:00  
310 Richard Handford MV60 57:43:00  


Curly Wurly Rat Runs



Jessica in action at Curly Wurly’s


Well done to the 10 juniors that took part in the “Rat Runs” near Haworth on Sunday 7th October.  Conditions were good – cold but sunny and we had some excellent performances in the junior races followed by a lot of chocolate eating thanks to the generous goody bags !

This was the last fixture in our 2018 Junior Club Championships.  Prizes will be awarded in late November and the overall scores will be secret until then !

The Settle Harriers results are as below followed by some photos.  


Settle Harriers Results from Curly Wurly Rat Runs

Under 9s        
6 Carl Sanderson BU9 02:57 5th U9 Boy
23 Mabel Whitaker GU9 03:38 6th U9 Girl
24 Franacesca Bagot GU9 03:39 7th U9 Girl
Under 11s        
23 Jack Sanderson BU11 07:21 5th U11 Boy
61 Lucy Bagot GU11 08:47 6th U11 Girl
83 Jessica Oakey GU11 09:36 14th U11 Girl
Under 13s        
53 Martha Rigby GU13 08:17 6th U13 Girl
56 Ned Whitaker BU13 08:33 19th U13 Boy
Under 17s        
11 Emily Crossley GU17 17:30 4th U17 Girl
12 Sim Rigby GU17 18:05 5th U17 Girl

Top: Jack, Emily.   Below: Ned, Lucy    



Embsay BOFRA races


Well done to the 10 juniors that took part in the Embsay BOFRA races on Sunday 16th September.  This was the last-but-one fixture in our junior club championships for 2018.

Unfortunately the weather varied from drizzle to heavy rain for the junior races and the normal start and finish to the races across fields wasn’t available this year due to issues with the farmer.  Younger juniors had to run most of their course along a muddy, uneven farm track instead.

Our highest placed performers were Seb (2nd in U17s – very close behind the winner),  Ben with a good 6th in the U14s & 7th for Carl in the Under 9s.

A special mention to Mabel who took part and did really well in her 1st junior club championship race of 2018.

Settle Harriers results from Embsay 

Under 9s          
7 Carl Sanderson Boy 05:36  
20 Ben Brummitt Boy 06:10  
30 Francesca Bagot Girl 06:33 13th girl
32 Mabel Whittaker Girl 06:36 14th girl
Under 12s          
18 Jack Sanderson Boy 08:56  
45 Oliver  Brummitt Boy 10:24  
32 Charlotte Peart Girl 10:11 21st girl
66 Jake Jennings Boy 13:40  
Under 14s          
6 Ben Greenep Boy 13:06  
Under 17s          
2 Sebastian Segger-Staveley Boy 19:42 2nd boy