West Yorkshire Cross Country League

A number of our juniors compete in the West Yorkshire Cross Country League.

The league has a minimum age of 9 years old and consists of 4 fixtures from October until December and the venues are usually in the Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Keighley, Huddersfield area.

Below is the information for the 2016 season.  Please respond very soon if your child would like to take part……………

Hi All.

As part of the juniors’ continued development, we propose to enter the club once again in the West Yorkshire Cross Country League.   Cross country is an excellent way for our youngsters to develop strength and stamina and particularly improve their speed as the courses tend to be faster and less hilly than the fell races they do most of the year.  Last year we had 10 juniors taking part and it would be brilliant to see us build on this in the forthcoming season.

There are four league races between October and December, all on Sundays, leading us nicely into the Kendal Winter League (which starts early in January):

  • 2 October – Wakefield
  • 30 October– Nunroyd
  • 20 November – Spenbrough
  • 4 December – Keighley

Typically, you can expect to travel approx an hour to each venue.

Races are open to athletes aged 9 (on 2nd October 2016) upwards and fall into the following age groups:

  • U11 – must have had their 9th birthday but not their 11th on 2nd October 2016
  • U13  years of age on 1 September 2016
  • U15 years of age on 1 September 2016
  • U17 years of age on 1 September 2016
  • Juniors – over 17 but under 20 years of age on 1 September 2016

For the team competition, the first three athletes home form the scoring team.  But the greater the number of participants means that, even if you aren’t in the scoring team, your result still matters as it affects everyone else’s position.

Cost of the entry to the league is £6 per athlete for the U11 to U17 age groups and £12 for the junior age group.

England Athletics (EA) Athlete Affiliation fee  In addition to the cost of entering the league, your child must be affiliated to EA. This is an annual cost currently of £13 and covers the year to 31 March next. Our Club Secretary, Chris Beesley, will be dealing with the new EA affiliations with a block payment and will email you separately about payment once I have confirmed those interested in entering the league.

So, if your child is interested in participating in the WYCC league, please could you let me know by  Sunday 11 September.  Please also could you confirm if your child is already EA affiliated, noting their EA registration number and DOB ( I already hold these details if you have participated in the WYCC before). This will enable us to deal with any EA registrations and the WYCC entry forms by the due dates.

More information, previous results and participating clubs can be found on the website www.westyorkshireathletics.org.uk. Or if you have any other queries about this, just get in touch!

Best wishes,

Carol Evans


Here are the Settle Harriers results from 2015.

Overall positions (for those completing 3 or more races)

U11 Boys: 23rd Douglas Segger Stavely 68pts; 40th Oliver Sampson 128pts

U13 Boys: 14th Sebastian Segger-Staveley 43pts

Senior Men Vet 40: 21st Jan Wulf 85pts

U20 Women: 7th Grace Jeffrey 24pts

Senior Women Vet 50: 2nd Carol Evans 5pts

————- 6th December – Guiseley

U11 Boys:  22nd Douglas Segger-Staveley 7:20; 50 Oscar Wulf 8:20

U13 Boys: 16th Sebastian Segger-Staveley 13:32

Senior Ladies : 30th Carol Evans 24:51 (1st W50); 46th Grace Jeffrey 26;29 (9th WU20)

Senior Men : 145th Jan Wulf 51:30 (M40)

—————— 14th November – Keighley ————————————–

U11 Boys:  48th Oliver Sampson 6:56; 54 Oscar Wulf 7:00

U11 Girls; 62nd Lauren Evans 8:50  

U13 Boys: 18th Sebastian Segger-Staveley 8:23 

U15 Boys: 35th Harvey Stroh 17;14  

Senior Ladies : 21st Carol Evans 23:44 (2nd W50); 37 Grace Jeffrey 25:24 (6th WU20)

Senior Men : 119th Chris Beesley 37:22 (4th M60) ; 124th Jan Wulf (M40) 39:11

—————- 31st October – Huddersfield  ————————————–

U11 Boys: 21st Douglas Segger-Staveley 6:25; 30th Oliver Sampson 6:46; 48 Oscar Wulf 7:28 (league debut)

(U11 Boys team finished 7th)

U11 Girls; 60th Lauren Evans 8:58 (league debut) 

U13 Boys: 12th Sebastian Segger-Staveley 13:11 

U15 Boys: 24th Bob Evans 22;19  

Senior Ladies : 36th Carol Evans 25:52 (2nd W50)

Senior Men : 86th Josh Westwood 41:57; 149th Jan Wulf (M40) 57:21

—————- 18th October – Wakefield ——————————————–

U11 Boys: 25th Douglas Segger-Staveley 5:59; 50th Oliver Sampson 6:39 (league debut)

U13 Boys: 15th Sebastian Segger-Staveley 11:13 

U15 Girls: 25th Honor Jeffrey 16:32

U15 Boys: 20th Thomas Marshall 16;15; 38th Harvey Stroh 18:45 

Senior Ladies : 31st Rachel Hill 24:22 (4th W40); 50th Grace Jeffrey 26:16 (9th U20)

Senior Men : 104th Josh Westwood 42:09; 162nd Chris Beesley (M60) 51:59