Coaching Advice

There are 2 purposes of this page;

1 To provide some basic training tips for juniors

2 To provide links to coaching articles or websites for the benefit of our coaches (although some parents or older juniors might also find them helpful)

We hope to develop this page over a period of time.  Please let Andy know if you find any articles or websites that might be of interest.


1 Basic training tip 1 – Kit for Winter Months

To get things started, here is some advice on what kit juniors should wear during the winter months…

Juniors should wear clothing appropriate for the weather & temperature.  We recommend

  • tracksuit trousers or leggings (shorts no longer appropriate)
  • gloves
  • hat or buff
  • hoody or fleece
  • waterproof jacket (preferably high viz)

Please bring a drink and any medication your child may need

If training on the astro, running trainers, trail running or fell shoes are all OK.  No spiked shoes.

If training on a grass area, fell shoes or trail shoes are recommended in the winter months.
If training on a grass area, a head-torch is recommended.


For coaches – useful websites & coaching articles


U-Coach (UK Athletics coaching website – very useful coaching resource)


FRA – Coaching Page (LIRF/CIRF courses etc)


Athletics Weekly (UK’s top athletics magazine – includes lots of coaching advice and information.  This is the cut-down online version of the magazine but still some really useful articles at


“Kenyan Hills” (short article on hill training from a level 4 coach. NB aimed at seniors not juniors !)


“Up the Tempo” article on tempo or lactate threshold runs – again aimed at senior athletes


“Run for the Hills” (explanation of different types of hill training)